What’s left unsaid, says it all. If you are going out with a guy for the first time make sure you read this article till the veryend. Guys are not all the same. They can get jealous very easily and at the same time, they might become very conscious of how you feel. First dates are always fun and the best part is you get to meet new people. Gone are the days when you were set up by the cousin and you had no idea how the guy looks like. Now, in the era of social media and some very skilled stalkers (your best friend), you will find out even if the guy has a third nipple. Let’s get to business shall we.

Rule #1

Outfit: says it all about you at a glance. Choose the colors that represent your mood. Wear the outfit with confidence. Do not choose something that shrinks even after you drink water.

Rule #2

Punctuality: Guys have a stereotypical idea about women that we are always late because we are busy applying make up for four hours. Honestly, it does not take more than an hour to get ready. Girls are just as punctual as everyone. Lets not make others wait for the sake of power.

Rule #3

Notice the shoes: no matter how careless a guy is about his outfits, he is always very picky about his shoes. A clean and good footwear means the guy is responsible and dependable. You should also notice how much effort he has put into getting ready for you. You should know that this date is just as important to him as much as it is to you.

Rule #4

Reach for the cheque: do not let him believe that you do not hold just as financial authority as him. this will give you power and control. Just a little gesture will do wonders for your date. Guys love it when girls offer to pay for themselves after a meal.

Rule #5

Friends Rule (TV Series): At this time, you must be acquainted with the TV series Friends and have watched at least one episode of it. Ask him if he has loved the series or not. Like minded people tend to love the same TV series. Make sure you have a list of all series in mind before you examine his soul. See if you have the same opinion about the series and the characters. Last but not the least, ask him if Ross was really on a break or not.


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