I can be a serious hogger sometimes. I make the mistake of not noticing the folks surrounding me. One look at the food plate and I dig in even before making a thought or two about the people I am sitting to eat with. Maybe it is a childhood issue that I do not have dining table manners. But who does? Are dining table manners so important these days than the food in front of you? I was scrolling through Instagram and noticed how robotic some food images appeared to be. Oh, the beauty!  They have been visibly edited too many times to make it Instagrammable. However, these days for me, as an Instagram addict, it became more important to double tap than finding meaning of life.

I wake up, check notifications of Instagram, I go to sleep I check my feed. I go to a restaurant, I check my Instagram feed. Life has become so vain. Seems like all I do these days is like someone else’s food pictures and curse myself for getting fat with every breath I take. My craving to read a book or even the latest news is gone. The urge to talk to my friends is gone. Has it all resulted because I am too preoccupied with what my phone is offering me? Maybe yes! Before writing down my feelings here, I was checking my Instagram feed. Facebook seems so dull and bland these days. It seems like no one is interested to post anything but memes in their timeline. I wish I could just buy a landline and talk to my friends like I used to ten years back. The good times, when there was no Instagram, no Facebook, no stalkers. The only stalkers we used to have are the ones who would hang up right after I’d say hello. I could just make a resolution of not taking pictures anymore for Instagram. However, what if I go to a restaurant and order a lot of food? My hands would itch if I did not get to show the world what I am eating. Some people are lucky who do not get the urge of taking pictures of everything they find pretty. I guess they are the rare and normal breed of what we have left of our generation.

It is not easy to being an addict. You expose us to these beautiful applications and then expect us to leave it all behind and focus on a lame career where we know we will not shine. As a 90s kid, I feel obligated to check into the restaurant I am eating dinner tonight. Not only am I doing a favour to the restaurant but also letting my friends know that I am a social person. It is not easy to get out of my bed, choose a restaurant, have dinner and pay for the luxurious food out of my hard earned pocket money. So, a picture is a must. I wish my parents knew what a Greek tragedy my life becomes if the waiter serves the food on the plate before I take the damn picture. Once, my mother confronted me about my weird habit of taking pictures before we start eating anywhere. Like any other Bengali mother, she blamed my satanic friends whose influence made me the weak social media junkie. I almost pitied myself when I told her my answer. I wish I could share it with you readers.


Hey Guys! I am Anjali. A 23-year-old law student with a passion for writing. Really introvert in nature but with a pen in my hand, I'd be anything I would want to be. A bit nerdy but Bengali by heart and I love traveling (who doesn't?). I am a foodie, a book lover and a binge watcher. For collaborations and getting in touch with me e-mail me at: [email protected]

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