Do you ever sit alone and think ‘What the hell am I doing in my life?’ Look around you, and you will find that even the class topper is going through this phase. Everyone is surrounded by negativity and skepticism. So, to make 2018 the best year ever, you have to make sure what you are inputting in your brain and mind. You will realize how your subconscious will rule your day. Everyday does not have to be a challenge. Everyday does not have to be so hard. It is okay to be in your comfort zone. Here is a bunch of things to remember to make the best of 2018.

  1. Do not repeat history

Life does not have to so hard. Never push yourself so hard that you snap. This article is for you to train your subconscious mind how to make the best of everything you do. Reflect on the mistakes you made last year. Hold the calendar and go through it month by month to compare what you were doing and what you were supposed to do. By doing this repulsive act, it will show you what went ugly. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What was the highlight of 2017?
  • What did I hate the most about 2017?
  • Did I lose in touch with myself?
  • If I could go back in time, what would I have changed about last year?

Take advantage of the New Year and clear the junk out of your mind and start anew. I am not saying every outcome will be positive this year, but you do have the control to start afresh. It is on your hands to make the best of 2018 so that you remember it for the rest of your life. Focus on self improvement and grab the best resources for learning and eventually you will have something beautiful.

  1. Create a schedule. Period.
  • If your goal is to lose weight, pick out an hour to exercise.
  • If your goal is to get a job, get busy in making contacts in LinkedIn,, and making contacts by doing internships and NGOs.
  • If your goal is self improvement, read books or join swimming, music, yoga or French classes to make sure you learn more and more every day.

You must take out 2 hours at least for the things you want to pursue. Follow your diary and create a color coded planner to make week planning more fun. If you are afraid that you cannot plan the day due to your 10 hour day job, read How to manage life even after staying out for 12 hours?

  1. Start saving up

Remember the times when you wished you were old enough so that you could travel all around the world? If you are already earning, then what are you waiting for? Start saving up. The only problem with the phrase is that it can never be achieved. No matter how much we earn, or how big your pocket money is, you are not able to save just enough. Let me point out what goes wrong, you focus more on saving than the spending. Save at least 30% of your income by cutting unnecessary expenses, for example, Rs. 5000 per month. Hence, by the end of December you will have Rs. 60,000/-, plus interest. You can easily make a solo trip to Indonesia or Thailand with that amount.

  1. Create a bucket list.

I used to think bucket lists are overrated. They are only there to make you undergo sadness. However, you whole life, in reality, revolves around a bucket list. You will achieve uncountable amount of happiness when you know you can check one of the items off of the list. So ask yourself what do you want to do before you die? Make sure you check each item every year. Soon, you will need a new bucket list in five years. Subconsciously, you will know you have accomplished a lot by June and your mind will be in high spirits.

  1. Kill the bad habit.
  • Do you hate being so lazy that you want to kill yourself, but you’re too lazy to do it?
  • Do you wish to quit smoking?
  • Do you wish to stop friend-zoning your admirers?
  • Do you wish to consume less trans fat and eat more veggies?

It is not easy to kill a bad habit. Nevertheless time has been given to you to start again, and high hopes are all you can start with.

Remember,  that they are rooting for you to fail.


Hey Guys! I am Anjali. A 23-year-old law student with a passion for writing. Really introvert in nature but with a pen in my hand, I'd be anything I would want to be. A bit nerdy but Bengali by heart and I love traveling (who doesn't?). I am a foodie, a book lover and a binge watcher. For collaborations and getting in touch with me e-mail me at: [email protected]

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