In this era of Facebook and Instagram, you must have noticed how important it has become for one to have a proper wedding photo shoot. No matter how significant the wedding is, a proper photo shoot is a must, and why not? You are passionately declaring your love for another person in front of your friends and family. Moreover, having great wedding photographs are immensely significant for good memories. However, have you ever thought about the wedding photographer? The immense pressure he or she undergoes to capture the most important part of two lives can be deafening. No matter how big or small the wedding is a photographer has the responsibility of capturing every beautiful article and candid smiles of the bride behind his lens. Every successful wedding has its own charisma, but when it comes to uploading photographs, every bit of curiosity comes down to one question ‘are the photographs good enough?’

I have had the good opportunity to meet this young man named Kishan Kumar, a resident of Kolkata who captured my sister’s wedding. At first I was very curious whether he is up to it or not because he is young and had a grim face. However, I changed my mind about him when I saw the pre-wedding shoot pictures. A good sign of a photographer, which I believe, is when he sends the pictures within 10 hours of photo shoot, which he did. I hate the kind who makes others wait for days seeking every chance to gain extra attention. He was kind enough to answer all my inane questions for this article. My sister and her husband were very impressed with this guy because he is very comfortable to work with. ‘At first we were very shaky to pose for a pre-wedding shoot, however things got comfortable as he has a good sense of humor. No wonder he is going places.’  

This guy has been inspired by his father who exposed him to the art of photography from a very tender age. He says he held a camera at the age of 11 to 12 for the first time. As a flourishing wedding photographer, I noticed via his Facebook feed that he gets to travel a lot. Upon asking he named a whole bunch of places which made me feel a little envious, to be honest. Being a Kolkata based photographer, he got to travel to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Agra, Lucknow, and Patna, Jharkhand, Orissa and even Nepal. Sounds pretty lucky right? Not really. He has had his share of bad days in his profession too. He mentioned a bad episode that happened with a client. Due to a technical error, his hard drive crashed and all his data got erased. One can only imagine the chaos. Luckily, his contract mentioned that the party cannot sue him due to technical defaults. That was the only bad incident that happened with him in his profession.

He even mentioned that, due to piling up of assignments, he and his team often have to rush to the next wedding right after the Bidai ceremony. They often have to brush their teeth in the car while moving to another wedding. They remain awake for 30 to 40 hours at a stretch. His childhood trauma of watching his father, the ruler of the photography industry, and fall before his eyes is what drives him to avenge his father’s career. ‘It was tough for us to cope with the changes we were going through. We had to give up our personal car. It feels very good when the client becomes happy with my pictures because I am very humble and very passionate about what I do.‘ He gave up his hobbies to focus his time in making himself better.

What makes Kishan so different than any other wedding photographer?

I love the fact that my camera can speak more than my lips can; I work silently and focus on real and candid moments. I always let people have fun their own way and make the best out of it’, he said. He hopes to make it big this year by expanding his business. Make sure you get in touch with this guy to make your wedding look eternal like it deserves and celebrate your perpetual love for one another.

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