I have the good fortune of having this baking guru as my classmate, the Cake Dida. She is juggling her studies in a law college and making such mouth-watering cupcakes which would melt your heart. She would often surprise us with cupcakes I her lunchbox, decorated with the most scrumptious frosting.  Those perfect little cupcakes tastes so heavenly that I would beg her to bring more. She would smile pleasantly and say yes Anjali, of course I will. Once I had asked her, who makes birthday cakes for you? To which she sadly laughed and pointed out the irony and said ‘I maake birthday delights for everyone, but no one makes it for me.’ Miss Mullick, with her charming smile and patience, answered every bit of my inane questions for this article.

Her cake making era began with her mother’s culinary skills. ‘I used to watch my mom convert into a kitchen queen and make delicious cakes. I have always been inspired by her’. The old cookbooks belonging to her mother would act like treasures to her. At a very early age she was exposed to the joys of cooking which she molded into a stunning cook that she is today. She is a self taught baker and is not afraid to make a mess of things and has a knack for accepting challenges. She made delicious crepe cakes with white frosting and even a rainbow one. She skillfully follows every holiday theme, for example, the valentine cupcakes. She put little red hearts in the cupcakes and made a pink frosting which looked delicious and at the same time guilty for biting into this love cake. She believes in the little details that make a huge difference in the end result. I was curious enough to ask her, where you buy all your amazing baking essentials, to which she replied with two words, New Market. Starting from chocolate chips to cake moulds, every baking essential is available in that haven. She prefers oven to microwave because oven cooked cakes are soft and smooth in texture, whereas microwave cooked cakes are rather different tasting and it doesn’t bring out the softness. She dreams of opening up her own bakery in near future. Anyone who tasted her cakes knows it is only justified that she pursues her dream. Here are a few honorable mentions of her personal favorites.

Classic Chocolate Cake. This cake is blissfully chocolaty and is one of her most loved and admired. No one can have a bad day after indulging herself in this cake.
Rainbow Cake. Like the name itself, this cake is colorful to its core. This cake also represents a Holi theme. However, the vanilla frosting might appear deceitful from the outside. Once you carve a piece out, you will be surprised with a colorful joy.
Red Velvet Cupcakes. With a delectable amount of fluffy vanilla frosting, this velvety cupcake is bound to make you fall in love again. Offer someone this red velvet cupcake instead of a ring, she will say yes!
Strawberry Cheesecake. The name cheesecake is delightful in its own sense. Two of my  most favorite things in the world are combined into one.

What makes Cake Dida so different than other bakers in town?

If you have tasted her cakes already, I guess you already know what makes her different. Her cakes are far better than the ones bought in a store. She said ‘I take care of my cakes, as if they were my children. I use the best ingredients available in the market, which I believe that other bakers or commercial bakers don’t. Since quality ingredients are more costly they try to buy the cheaper products. But for me quality is everything. I being a non-profit baker for I’m not into business of earning from my cakes, seeing my family and friends pleased is everything for me. Also I make my cakes in the best hygienic manner so that all my cakes are fresh and completely safe.’

If you’re wondering about the name Cake Dida, here is what she had to say, ‘Many are surprised to hear the name Cake Dida and surely it’s totally quirky. Few of my Instagram followers have even asked me whether I was a old lady baking cakes. However, they were surprised to know that I was only in my mid 20’s. The name was born a few years back when I uploaded a picture of mine on social media which I had taken from an aging app, which made me look like a granny. One of my classmates of college commented that I look like a granny / Dida and named me a Cake Dida.’

Follow her on Instagram Cake Dida and let me know what you think about Miss Mullick.  Make sure you order one of her scrumptious cakes when you have a birthday party coming up.


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