Heart has always played obscure games with the mind, the concept of which has eluded many souls. The elaborate perception of which have been formulated in way of a story by Bengali’s proud theatre group Stage Eight, whose very name started with only eight members many moons ago. Stage Eight brings to you Pollution, which nurtures clarity among obscurity. In the world of glamour and thrill, Stage Eight believes in the life of a story and the girth of a mystery. The actors, who dare to break the fourth wall. The actors, who dare to speak to the soul of the very watchers, where shivers run down your spine as they scream into your soul from the platform where they express themselves in the form of the theatre.

You will just not watch the actors, but yourself and how it is meant for every spirit who has breathed. Pollution brings to you the dilemma of a human mind and the anonymity of a diabolical sprite who can rob you of your tranquillity. The essence of death and the havoc that get fashioned prior to the catastrophe is the theme of this play where every character will bring forward a piece of you and destroy all your fears.

Arun’s fear of the environmental pollution has caged him in the four walls of his home with a girl as his only companion. His fear of the raging pollution comes to an end with a phenomenal twist that will make you think, ‘Is this really happening?’
Stage Eight has managed to fire up this mind numbing saga named Pollution will bring forward the gory truth to the reality we call life.

Writen by: Sagnik Mukherjee and Dibyojyoti Das
Director: Sagnik Mukherjee
Cast : Suddho Majumdar, Ishani Dutta, Nabadeepa Ghosh, Shritama Saha, Sunil Paul
Venue : Tapan Theatre

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Tickets : ₹ 150

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