Have you been to a nightclub lately? Did you spend mindlessly on drinks and treating yourself to a night that you think you worked so hard for? Think again! Not every person in our City of Joy is lucky. There are a few souls living among us who cannot spare a hundred rupees to fix his cycle, so that he can go work in a jute mill. If only he had received his basic education, then he could at least earn a basic income as a salaried employee.

There are people who think our generation is a waste and have no future because of our association with social media. However, there are some of us who are making good use of their resources. One such voluntary organization was formed during the early 2014 by a few good men of Bengal and named it Swajan. One might wonder, why the name? Here is what Shashwata, the organization’s Public Relations Manager had to say, ‘Swajan means a person’s near and dear ones. In today’s world we see that when a person is in trouble or has lost everything and is in a destitute condition then their own people, their blood relatives do not help them to overcome any hardships. We become their near and dear ones. We become their Swajan!!’

I have the good fortune of having a few of the members as my classmates. They dedicate their finances, time and energy towards the betterment of the young souls of our city who need the basic necessities of life, such as education. Swajan’s challenging role was tested to its limits during the floods that occurred in Bengal back in 2017. Within a span of six to seven days, the volunteers collected huge supplies of rations like rice, biscuits, basic medicines, potable water and clothes. They left for Ghatal, which was the worst affected place in South Bengal. ‘The immense joy that we saw in the face of those people once we reached there with our supplies made us happy and a sense of satisfaction prevailed among all our volunteers. The place was inaccessible by road as everything was submerged in water so we had to ferry everything by boat! That was the best and important project that we had taken’ says Mr. Suvankar Das, President of Swajan. The body of Swajan is governed under the leadership of President Mr. Suvankar Das, and Secretary Dr. Saikat Basu.

Swajan is not as huge as HOPE or Smile, but the volunteers are just as hard working than any other salaried employee of a recognized charitable organization. The biggest catch of forming your own NGO is that you do not get sponsors very easily. Swajan does not have big sponsorships but they do have the support of common people who want to contribute to their good cause. Crunch of funds cause them to fall behind on several projects.  When asked about finances, here’s what they had to say, ‘We do not have any sponsors. Our main source of funds are totally from Crowd funding. Our members and volunteers before each project go out on the roads and appeal to the people for funds. We run campaigns in various social media and by God’s grace and generous donations from the people we get to collect the amount that covers the cost of the projects!’

Believe it or not, Swajan has its own Constitution too. The Constitution was formed by the Constitution Drafting Committee which comprised of the members of Swajan. There are about 40 members in this organization and they are helping this foundation grow and expand with the passage of each second. Mr. Suvankar Das and Dr Saikat Basu has helped Swajan conduct several projects successfully with their skillful leadership and enigmatic hard work.

I asked if Swajan is making the under privileged kids dependent on NGOs or are they focused on making them independent and valuable, to which the Secretary answered, ‘Our main areas that we are working on are Education and Healthcare. So, our primary targets are Children who are malnourished or poverty stricken and do not have enough means for education or healthcare facilities. We try to provide them with the resources that they are devoid of and make them independent. We try to inculcate values in them so that they can grow up to become an independent and responsible citizen.’

Upcoming Events:

1.       Free Health Check Up Camp – The Volunteers will be organising a free health check up campaign on April 22, 2018 near Behala Sarsuna, Kolkata where various types of clinical tests like diabetes, ECG, pressure along with an eye check up will be conducted. The distribution of medicines will also be conducted free of cost. The health check up camp will comprise of doctors and healthcare workers from prestigious institutes.

2.       Blood donation camp -This is one of their signature projects and this will also take place in Behala Sarsuna, Kolkata on 3rd June, 2018. People from all walks of life will be present in this blood donation camp and the organization is inviting the Governor of West Bengal, Keshari Nath Tripathi along with our Education Minister of West Bengal. The blood camp will be in association with a Blood bank named Ashok Laboratory Ltd.This event is very important for the people who need blood to survive lifeand beat death.

Give one chance to the people who are less privileged than people like us who have an option to survive. Swajan needs volunteers and hard working people like you who can make a difference like they are. If you cannot participate, then make a small donation towards betterment. Please take a chance and click on this button to check out their Facebook page.

For Donations

1.       PayTm at 7686973747

(Copy and paste this contact number for Donations)

2.       You can pay directly into their Bank account, the details of which are:

  • Name- SWAJAN
  • Canara Bank A/c no. 0980101027957
  • Jadavpur Branch
  •  IFSC CODE -CNRB0000980

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