It has been ten years since I last played with colours. The tradition where we welcome spring by splashing colour all over each other has been around for centuries. A joyful festival like this, yet girls like me prefer to stay indoors. I remember playing holi in my pre-puberty times with my next door neighbour’s son, Roy. We used to apply each other’s face with all sorts of colours and have fun with the people walking down the road with water balloons.

Every year the post-holi news would be like:

  • Girl molested in Pratap Nagar under the guise of Holi, [1]
  • A photographer was groped by 5  men who thought it was all part of the celebrations. [2]
  • Acid attack on revelers, 7 injured.[3]

Then, the worst happened. My mother forbids me from going out on the day of Holi. I had agreed to finish my maths homework on a Holi day, but forbidding me from playing holi with my best friends was just crazy. It was an outrage. However, her argument somewhat went like this:

  • What if you get teased and molested?
  • What if the boys apply colour in the wrong places?
  • What if they get you drunk?
  • What if someone splashes acid on your face?

(PS: This happened. Check the link given below in [3])

This festival will surely lift your spirits but nefarious elements who use the festival as an excuse to get away with eve teasing and molestation. This is why, I couldn’t care any less about this festival anymore. Holi is one day the perverts gets to do all the ‘tharki-ness’.

Remember the movie ‘Darr’? I am sure us girls have had had to face the same Darr level stalker syndrome at some point of their life by some insane SrK lover. Then again, if we think closely, some of the bollywood movies are responsible for showing signs of vigorous level of ‘The Holi disorder’. Starting from Sholay, to Balam Pichkari, every song where the guy applies colour on a girl forcefully and surprisingly she doesn’t seem to mind. The only magic phrase is mandatory, ‘Bura na Maano, Holi haan’.’

These songs have portrayed the spot on revelries. Holi is one occasion where you can go all crazy on that next door hottie and she wont mind at all, because its allowed. Is it really?  Films are the visual representation of a society. With such dysfunctional mentality, our society has developed a vile attitude about this festival.

  • Go ahead, hold her wrist tightly and pull her close to your vile face, she doesn’t mind at all.

  • Go ahead, apply that black smudge at her face from the back, she doesn’t mind at all.

  • Go ahead, get drunk, get on with it, who cares about limits?

  • Go ahead, scare the girls and get them traumatized that they remain indoors for the rest of their life.

The colour runs off, the memory doesn’t. However, when you’re playing Holi with the family in your garden like that of Bhabgban, nothing can go wrong. And with jubilant songs like Balam Pichkari, Holi can turn out to be fun occasionally after all.

Have a Happy Holi. Stay safe.


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