The shadow falls beneath the tree

The truth lies hidden in the dark

One day everything shall set free

Death and peace lies ahead on the journey we embark.


Tonight I realize how lonely I am

It’s the darkness that creates a hole

Knowing I can never be complete

Peace was never an option for my soul


I wait for the doom as I lay perfectly still

It’s the thought of death that makes it bittersweet

The timeless reunion in the grave

I shall be the shadow you cannot defeat.

I could hear my bones cracking I could smell my blood Witnessed the soul leaving my body A sweet lullaby of death was lulled Every inch of my body was disintegrating Like a tune it played I…

The sky looked upon the cabin boy The wounds shut the door The door that leads the path to joy Darkness embraced the ones he adored Dreams and hope once showered like rain Millions of opportunities combined…