Ae dil, its so complicated!

‘Keeping a stone in my heart I decided to put on makeup,

My decision with my boyfriend was to break up’

Gold, right? And they earned 53.35 Crores.


We have come across all kinds of situations when we have been friend zoned or bro zoned or even photographer zoned. This film takes a new level of Devdas, trying his best to win the heart of his love Alizeh, by

Trying to kiss her forcefully on her wedding day
Trying to kiss her while she was dying
Hitting her
Calling her a feeling less woman while trying to make her jealous
Let’s take a moment and think about the exotic locations Karan Johar decided to shoot: Paris’ hotel room, Switzerland’s hotel room, London’s finest bars, Vienna’s finest museum, and another Coffee shop where you can lick cream off of each other. Shekshy!

However, while they were having a perfect time in London partying, boozing and living off their father’s money (free country, right?), they become the best friends for life. Hey, if I invite you to Paris in an all round paid trip in my Private Jet, you would be my best friend right?

Getting shot down in an amazing trip to Paris, while huddling under the same red blanky in the fireplace isn’t something that happens at all. It was too tragic to watch Ranbir’s face when he realised he wont get laid tonight.

The dialogue ‘Love tedha hota hain, aur us tedhe love me sukun pana kuch logon ko ataan hain’ sounded more like ‘Seedhe ungli se ghee nahi nikalti, beta’.

The perfect face of Aishwariya Rai Bachchan was a bit too perfect. So perfect that every time her face appeared in the screen I wanted to rip my ugly face off and burn myself in the sun. Anyway, an odd pairing of bold The Shayari ( A successful published poetess)  Aishwarya and a wannabe singer Ranbir wasn’t really an eye-candy. Ranbir’s acting skills cannot be doubted for even a second because he can pull off any role. There was a cameo of Shahrukh Khan as Aishwarya’s ex husband (Ah, SrK).

Every time Aishwariya opened her mouth to say her dialogues, it left me gasping for breath and scratching my head because all she said was Poem, sometimes two lines, sometimes one line, and one time I remember there was no line at all, the poem just shined out of her blue eyes and hypnotized me. I was pretending to understand all those Shayaris because I didn’t want to come off as stupid. Of course! Fawad Khan’s charm cannot be overrated. That’s because is one of God’s own creations. He looks like one of those perfect creatures who are meant to break your heart and you know it but you are still attracted to him like a Diwali keeda to fire crackers. Fawad plays the character of a DJ who travels all year round all over the world. Even if he were playing a role of a librarian, the entire audience would still be gasping for breath. The role of Lisa Haydon as Lisa was a perfect comic relief. I remember her amazing performance in Queen and I respect that woman a lot.

Things took a dark turn when Alizeh found out that her husband who was college sweetheart cannot be trusted and it made her paranoid. It took a darker turn when she pulled off her woollen cap and reveals her cancerous bald shiny head. While my movie date was bawling like a baby confiscating all my chips and tissues, I was left wondering, is this Ashiqui 2.5?

The perfect irony of the song ‘The Break up Song’ was that they broke off with their girlfriend/boyfriend (time pass/ noose in neck) after the song was over. The songs of ADHM are an absolute pleasure. After ages, I feel like a can stream an entire album. The song Channa Mereya was so short in the film and such a soulful song should have at least been sung three to four times. Boys, if you are friend zoned for life, make sure you say ‘I friend you’ instead of ‘I love You’ to your woman.

Bollywood has three types of scripts:

Guy proposes girl

Girl accepts

But family doesn’t.


Guy proposes girl

Girl says no

But at last she realizes love was around the corner.


Guy proposes girl

Girl says no

Girl says no again

Director kills off the girl.


ADHM is the third kind.



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