Rated: 4.5/5

I have been to this restaurant a lot of times for the past three years. It has never disappointed me. The Grub Club is famous for its Chinese, Thai and Continental cuisines. Most people come to try the famous Momos of this place. My personal favorite is the Mixed Fried Rice. It is given in ample quantities and tastes extremely delicious. The best Fried rice I’ve ever tasted. The combination of Chicken, Prawn and scrambled eggs make a great treat for our taste buds. The best side dish possible with this main course is the Garlic Chicken. The six pieces of chicken with a colorless gravy goes well with the rice. Last night, I wanted to try new things from the menu. So I ordered Lamb in Oyster Sauce and Spicy Honey chicken. The lamb was disappointing, to be honest. The gravy tasted nothing like Oyster Sauce and there were big chunks of green bell pepper afloat. Coming to the Spicy Honey chicken, it was chosen from the Shredded Chicken section. Make sure you have added the word ‘Spicy’ before ordering. Otherwise a whole different side dish will appear. I have learnt it the hard way. The KumPao Chicken is a must try. It tastes so good with the Mixed Hakka Noodles. The small chicken pieces come with a thick spicy orange gravy which has small cashews. I avoided the cashews.  There is a separate Desserts section in Grub club. I tried the Masala Soda at 40 bucks and was not that mind boggling, it tasted okayish.

The service are courteous enough and provide a healthy atmosphere to the restaurant. This place attracts many customers of many age groups, be it students, aged women with white hairs or people like us who just want to have a nice and quiet dinner. The best part of this restaurant is that the menu shows the price which is Tax inclusive. So, they dent bombard you with enormous taxes and Service charge like most evil restaurant owners do. The waiters don’t even take orders. You have to go to the counter and get the receipt paid and done before your food arrives. This place doesn’t open before 1.30 pm, so make sure you don’t reach beforehand. The location is quite simple and easy to remember. Thanks to Zomato and Google Maps for this.


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