Estrogen filled women like me always tend to remember their first experiences. Be it her first dance, first love, and first time they tried alcohol. Yes, it was a big deal for me back then. And it was a bittersweet experience.

I drank three shots of vodka. The first time I felt like my mouth just drank acid. This is why I was hesitant to try the second shot. With great fear I somehow gulped the second shot and the flavor started unwinding in my mouth. The third one was flavored. I felt preppy inside. My companions ordered some food and a couple beers. The loud music made it impossible to make a conversation without saying ‘What?’ with a crooked face. The place has placed LED televisions at every corner to make sure people remain busy otherwise. The interior decorations were quite impressive. There is a certain tradition they maintain called ‘Thursday Ladies Night’ which I found quite an impressive policy to attract customers on a Thursday night. The DJ played music which filled the air with a vibe to feel like dancing like crazy. Every song he played were my favorite and all of us owned the dancing floor till midnight.

I wanted to go for bowling. But my name was at 208. So we let it go. That was the only disappointment I faced. It was an  overall charming experience for me. Hoping to visit Rush when I go to Hyderabad again. I wish to try new innovative drinks this time.

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