I promise you this, I’ll destroy you to the very core. And he did. He destroyed her. Her heart irreparable. It shattered like the thousand pieces and there was no return. How wonderful it would have been if I could return to that time when she first met him.

Everything was going wrong that day. First she forgot her umbrella, then amid the chaos her wallet got stolen. A quiet help from a stranger became a lifetime of honey soaked tragedy tale. The crisp dry mud of the leather boots wore off soon but the image of that her jolly sailor bold didn’t. He struck a chord in her heart like no one else.

Time flies like a bird. Quiet and steady in the sky with all her power over vast nothing ness. Two love birds fell in the magical moment of love like any other couple.

Leaves of the summer shed themselves and so did their love for each other. ‘Forever’ was what he said to her. ‘Always’ was what she expected. Their vision however, was different. His vision was her body and hers was his charm.

A forceful kiss, a coarse hug and fingers running all over her body which aroused her. ‘Does this feel good?’

‘Er..yes’, and it did. His fingers knew what she liked and what made her feel like a woman.

‘You do know your ways to excite your woman’

‘Do you want to see God?’

‘You are my God’

‘Oh yes, but you’ll know soon’ and his hands held her tighter than before.

‘Something is wrong’ her mind kept telling her. But he obeyed her curiosity. The zest for warmth of a lover drove her fantasy to a rabid reality.

‘Let’s slow down’, said the soul to her captor. His lips continued to touch her femininity. His ticklish fingers felt her delicate skin. He tore open her shirt buttons and pressed his lips against hers. She winced, aghast at his sudden movements.

‘Wait, I don’t want to..’

‘Don’t speak’, he said with a lustful voice.

He grabbed her with all his force and tore her apart before she could even anticipate her own actions. Should I obey? Or should I break free? She tried both. Sadly her body was pinned down by this muscular devil.

There was darkness in his eyes which seemed like a rainbow a few hours back. A motion of rehearsed thrusts continued back and forth until she couldn’t feel her own pain. The warmth of his skin became a cold slimy sludge she felt disgusted which is a part of her body now. She tried screaming but she felt like she was being punished already and she didn’t know why.

‘Do you want to see God?’ Came a voice out of darkness.

‘No I don’t’ and she shoved his sickening arms from her poisoned body. The blinding pain between her legs and the bites of the frightening creature was visible due to the blood streaming down. Her hands reached the nightstand beside the bed and grabbed the first thing she could see and hit his head with the glass lamp and knocked him unconscious. She ran with what was left of her body.

It’ll all be over soon, she consoled herself.

Barefoot, she ran with all her might. Tears rolled down as she tried buttoning her shirt but it was all in vain, because it was torn. She pinned her hands on her chest to hide herself from the screaming eyes of the strangers who stared at her. Soon she was there.

I am an educated girl, I will not let that bastard get away with this.

She explained to the police officer and showed him the bruises and demanded a medical check up.

‘You went to his room with all your consent. Yet you say that he raped you?’

‘Yes, he did. I didn’t know he will force himself on me’

‘You did consent for physical relations with him right?’

‘Yes but that is different’

‘Lady, don’t waste my time, looks like you have consented to the act of physical relationship and went to his room with an anticipation, it’s not rape’

The words were like dagger to her. It was no crime. What he did to her was lawful in the eyes of law.

She reached her apartment. Her mind racing what to do next. She left her purse back. Her ID, money and her mother’s contact number was inside.  Her phone beeped and she saw the message which shook and made her stomach turn. It was a video clip of her and the barbarian on top of her. A second message read:

‘I will destroy you.’


Hey Guys! I am Anjali. A 23-year-old law student with a passion for writing. Really introvert in nature but with a pen in my hand, I'd be anything I would want to be. A bit nerdy but Bengali by heart and I love traveling (who doesn't?). I am a foodie, a book lover and a binge watcher. For collaborations and getting in touch with me e-mail me at: [email protected]

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